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Communication Solutions
The Internet is the best tool for performing repetitive, targeted communication. And who among us hasn’t had to “get the word out” to a list of people? ACEN made it easy to use websites and email to communicate with one, or groups of many people instantly, accurately, and free.
Email Newsletters: Better, Faster and Cheaper  » [Photos]
Team members need to be informed and reinforced. That’s why every membership organization publishes a newsletter and a lot of companies do the same. Now there’s an easier way.

In this day and age,   ...
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Information Bulletins: Learn From Politics!  » [Photos]
No matter your politics, the 2004 campaign already elected the Internet. That’s because we’ve seen the power of email to reach and inform lots of people fast.

Often, you need to do that too. For in  ...
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Product Bulletins -- Specials & Sales: Fast  » [Photos]
Having a sale? You could paper the street with newspaper blow-ins or you could let people know the easy, fast and clean way: send a product bulleting by email.

Use ACEN’s Notifier™ to build formatt  ...
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